Semi-sublimation is a printing technique that is well suited to printing single copies or small and medium runs. It is a versatile and adaptable printing method that can produce high quality results.


Semi-sublimation is a special type of sublimation that occurs when a substance is heated to its sublimation point, but not hot enough to vaporise completely. Instead, the substance partially sublimates, which means that it changes from a solid to a gas without first becoming a liquid. This can create interesting effects, such as dry ice that 'smokes' as it heats up.


Semi-sublimation is a process used by G-art to create exclusive, limited edition prints. This printing process allows a high level of detail and dynamism in the colors of the final product. Moreover, as each print is made individually, each one is unique. The semi-sublimation process is time-consuming and requires a high level of skill, which adds to the value of the final product.


For athletes, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing their equipment is breathability. Sports textiles must be able to release perspiration quickly, so that athletes can stay cool and dry during exercise. Our process does not affect the breathability of the fabrics in any way.

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The difference between semi-sublimation and sublimation lies in the freedom of design possibilities. Semi-sublimation offers only a limited range of designs, as you can only choose between the different offers of our prefabricated goods and not the individually designed products.

The advantages and characteristics of the semi-sublimation process at G-art :