Embroidery is a type of decorative sewing that usually uses fine, colourful threads to create intricate designs on fabric. It is often used to embellish clothing and other objects, and dates back to ancient times. Today, there are many types of embroidery, such as the French version, the Swiss version and the black market version.


At G-art we take great pride in our embroidery work. We believe that this process is an art form in itself, and we ensure that every piece we produce is of the highest quality. Our embroidery process has many advantages. Firstly, we use only the highest quality materials, which results in an unparalleled finished product. Secondly, our team of skilled craftsmen is specialised in this process.


In addition, the maximum three-dimensional washout resistance is a high quality three-dimensional embroidery that is very resistant to washing. It is a beautiful and intricate embroidery that is perfect for shirts, dresses and other clothing.


There is a wide variety of colours that can be used on textiles, ranging from bright and vivid to more subdued and muted. This means that the colours can be used to create a wide variety of looks, depending on the textile and the desired effect. In addition, the colours can be used on both black and coloured textiles, offering even more options for creating different looks.

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Compared to other ornamental techniques, it offers the greatest durability and the highest quality for textile personalisation.

The advantages and characteristics of the embroidery process at G-art :