G-art is a company that offers flocking services. This process has many advantages, including being highly aesthetic, durable and resistant. In addition, flocking at G-art is a printing technique used to create patterns on fabric. It involves printing a design on a piece of paper and then using the paper as a stencil to apply paint or dye to the fabric. This technique can be used to create simple or more complex patterns with multiple colours.


One type of fabric is made by gluing two or more layers of fabric together with an adhesive. This type of fabric is often used in sportswear, as it is durable and can wick moisture away from the body.


Flocking is a short, velvety fibre that adheres to the fabric and gives it a textured, raised appearance. This technique is often used to create logos and other designs that need to stand out from the background fabric.


Strong, opaque colours produce a print with minimal relief. These colours have a high covering power and can easily hide surface imperfections. They are ideal for surfaces that do not need to show detail.


Transfer printing is a printing method that uses heat to transfer colours from an intermediate surface to the desired surface. Transfer printing is a very versatile printing method and can be used on a variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, glass and fabric. This printing method is particularly useful for printing on materials that are difficult to print on using other methods, such as dark or transparent surfaces.

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Flocking is characterised by the use of various possibilities of flock transfer sheets. Flocking is also distinguished by the velvety feel of the final print on the textile.

The advantages and characteristics of the flocking process at G-art :