Three different sports disciplines with conditions that could not be more different from each other – these are the challenges that the perfect triathlon clothing must meet.

We combine high wearing comfort with performance-enhancing properties: Breathable. Quick drying. Aerodynamics. And as convenient as possible when changing clothes, because changing clothes in triathlon is a fourth secret discipline. With G-art’s triathlon outfits you’ll be ahead of the game in every discipline!

We take care of the design, manufacture and
the printing of outfits for professional and amateur triathletes. For teams and those who go it alone.

Design with us your customised triathlon outfits with your club logo and those of your sponsors.


We design, manufacture and print clothing for professional and amateur triathletes. For racing groups, sports clubs and single riders. Design with us your personalised triathlon clothing with your club and sponsor logos.

We make one-off pieces for a small charge; delivery time is 6-8 weeks. We thank you for your understanding.


What we design and print :


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