Sublimation occurs when a substance changes from a solid to a gas, without ever passing through the liquid phase. This usually occurs when a substance is heated to a temperature above its critical temperature. When this happens, the molecules of the substance have enough energy to overcome the attractions that hold them together in the solid state, and they are able to simply transform into gas molecules.


The sublimation process at G-art has many advantages and features that make it ideal for high quality printing. The most notable advantage is that the colors are very vivid and true to life. In addition, the detail and resolution are exceptional, making it perfect for printing on textiles of all kinds. Another great feature of the sublimation process is that it is very fast and efficient, which means that you can print large quantities of textiles in a short time.


With the ability to render photorealistic patterns and resistance to light and UV rays, this type of printing is perfect for those who want their clothes to look good and last a long time. The ability to resist fading and wear makes sublimation an excellent choice for those seeking durability.

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It is the heating of the carrier material that firmly anchors the dye in the fibre and makes it so durable. Once the colour has been applied, you will not feel any application on the textile.

The advantages and characteristics of the sublimation process at G-art :